Referrals are the number one way we grow our business, so we want to reward you for them.

Every time you refer See Spot Go to another business owner or homeowner, we will knock 10% off your next cleaning service.

It’s a small way for us to say “Thank You,” and reward you for growing our business.

Refer See Spot Go and cut 10% off your cleaning bill.





Neighbors like to comment on each other’s homes and upkeep. When your neighbor comments on that great window cleaning, or one of our other services, you can refer us and cut 10% off your bill.

How it works: It saves us time and money when your neighbor hires us for a similar service while we are already in the neighborhood. So, we offer you the discount. 

You save money today, and your neighbor can save on his next service by referring us to another local homeowner.




Cleaning your windows during the rainy season doesn’t seem logical, yet it is one of the best times for window washing. You see, there are fewer bugs and less dust during the rainy months so window cleaning lasts longer. Additionally, your windows stay clean and streak free because water is not streaming through dirt and debris.

See Spot Go  offers a 10% discount for off-season window cleaning. Since pressure washing is ideally done in the rainy season, ask us for an estimate on your window washing or window water spot treatment while we are there power washing.

Save money and keep your view beautiful with off-season window cleaning.





How many tomorrows would have been lost if nobody had stepped forward to do something about it yesterday?

We have enjoyed so much freedom for so long that we are perhaps in danger of forgetting how much blood it costs to establish it.

See Spot Go appreciates all the men and women who served and serving our great USA country.

We offers 10% as a way to say  “Thank you” to the quiet sacrifices all military soldiers and their families make on a daily basis, for protecting us everyday.




Elders are not and never need be alone.

Let See Spot Go be your helping hand with 10% off to show that we respect and care for who have walked the path before us.