Sebastien – Prince Charming

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Sebastien Prince Charming Headshot

Sebastien – Prince Charming

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Once upon a time there lived a happy-go-lucky black and white cat. He was mostly white but had a large black spot over his right ear. He lived near a home that kept his belly full and gave him shelter when it was cold and wet. It wasn’t the perfect life, but he was content. His favorite things in the whole, wide world were watching birds and when his humans would pet him.

Sebastien Prince Charming Headshot

One day, there was a lot of hub-bub in the home where he would stay when it was rainy outside. His people were going in and out with large square things in their arms. As the day waned, it grew quiet and the people got into a car and drove away. Silence settled over the house and the yard.

Around dinnertime, the black and white cat wandered around the house looking for his meal. But there were no bowls or food set out for him. The whole house was empty. The cat sat and waited but the only thing that happened was the deepening quiet of the night.

Night turned to morning, the sun rose into the sky and the birds sang their morning songs. There was still no food for the black and white cat and he was feeling very hungry. The cat roamed the yard to find what he could, but a mouthful of grass didn’t do a lot to stop the empty feeling in his belly.

The black and white cat roamed to another yard but found only angry humans who chased him away with loud words and sticks. But he had to eat, he had to find food.

The next evening there came a delicious smell wafting through the night breeze. The black and white cat ran eagerly to find the source of the yummy smell. After weaving in and out through the bushes, he discovered the smell was coming from the loud human’s yard. Inside a wire box was a pile of meat which smelled oh so tempting! The black and white cat eyed the wire box, found a way inside and couldn’t help but begin gobbling down the meat.


As soon as his nose hit the meat, a loud noise ripped through the air as the wire box snapped shut. It was a trap! The noise scared the cat greatly, so much so he accidentally urinated on himself out of terror. He couldn’t get out! No meal was worth this! He pawed and cried, desperately trying to get back to the only home he knew. His delicate nose was sliced and scarred from the metal bars and his leg was torn from his escape attempts.

As the sun rose, there came a noise and movement from the loud human’s house. A woman opened the door and saw the black and white cat in the trap. She had placed traps around her home to catch him and take him to the shelter where he wouldn’t “bother” her anymore. As she approached to take the cat away, she smelled how he had urinated on himself out of fear. Hah, there was an easy fix for that! The woman unwound a hose and sprayed the cat down with freezing cold water.

The black and white cat cowered; miserable, wet, hungry, terrified and trapped. The last week had been a nightmare. Would life ever be good again?

When the woman dropped the black and white cat off at the animal shelter, the staff there saw how terrified he was. They gently dried and cleaned his wounds. He never tried to claw or bite them, he just sat there in his miserable state. They felt badly for him and decided to call for help. A local rescue partner worked in the area taking cats out of shelters and transporting them to places where they could be adopted. They learned about the black and white cat and came over right away to see him. They were struck by his loving personality and gentle spirit and found him a foster home where he could recover in comfort from his awful ordeal.

No one knew what the black and white cat’s name was before, so they gave him a new name: Sebastien.

Sebastien blossomed in his foster family’s home. He had a full belly and could watch the birds outside to his heart’s content. He loved everyone he met! Plus, his new favorite thing in the world was sleeping in front of his fosters family’s fire and basking in the fire’s warmth.

A few days later Sebastien was taken for another car ride to Animal Center. He was greeted by careful and capable staff members who took great care in administering his shots and in giving snuggles! They were just like “fairy godmothers!” He was happy, so happy, but little did Sebastien know that his life would soon become perfect… that was the day he met his new forever human, Erica.

On that day, Erica had been visiting the Center’s website looking for adoptable cats. She saw a particular little face that caught her eye: a cat with mostly white fur and a singular black spot over his right ear. But what struck her most were the scratches on Sebastien’s nose.

“I really think it was love at first sight! I especially liked that Sebastien was two-years-old and had scratches on his nose…” said Erica, “I knew he had a story and I wanted to be a part of it. Plus, I have had injuries and I thought he would have character – just like me!”

Erica came to the Center to meet Sebastien and it really was love at first sight! Erica adopted Sebastien that very day and took him back to her home.

“I live alone so sometimes it gets lonely,” Erica remembers, “Now I look forward to coming home because he always greets me with rubs and when I sit down on the couch he gives me the best massages! Plus my friends are really happy for me because they see how much joy he brings me!”

Sebastien now spends his day doing all his favorite things; he watches the birds outside his window and gets to dote on his new forever companion, Erica.

Sebastien King of Castle

The black and white cat gets his happily forever after, after all.

Sebastien Sleeping Happily Forever After