Mother cat rescues orphaned kitten

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Mother Cat Rescued Orphaned Kitten_1

Mother cat rescues orphaned kitten

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“One of these things is not like the other!” How many times have you heard that line? In the case of Angelina, it refers to her cute crew of kittens!

Mother Cat Rescued Orphaned Kitten_1

Angelina is a loving and friendly mother-cat who gave birth to three kittens of her own. Angelina and her little family had been found, rescued and cared for by an Animal Center. Angelina’s quandary was settled! She found safety, a clean place to care for her babies, and everything just seemed to be getting better for her.

However, the rescue partner had a predicament of its own. A solitary kitten had found its way into the rescue partner’s care. Kittens are social creatures and living alone can sometimes lead to lower survival rates in young felines, so it was important to find this sole kitten, named “April”, a temporary feline family. April was one week older and a different color than Angelina’s babies. Would Angelina and her trio of kittens accept her?

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The rescuers held their breath and introduced April into the family. Angelina accepted her immediately and seemed not to mind one bit about caring for another baby. Now Angelina, April, Aubrey, Autumn and Arthur are one big family and thriving in one another’s company.

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Angelina and her family, the “A-Team”, as we like to call them, are now in the care of a volunteer foster family.

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