Junkyard Jammers: Rock Star Puppies

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Rockstar Puppies Headshots

Junkyard Jammers: Rock Star Puppies

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Meet the Rock Star Puppies: James (Morrison), Janice (Joplin), Grace (Slick), Kirk (Hammett), Lita (Ford) and Lars (Ulrich). These dogs have one epic story.

Rockstar Puppies Headshots

At just a few weeks old, the puppies were fending for themselves in a desert junkyard. They had to dodge much bigger, much scarier dogs and scrounge for scraps of food. At night, they banded together, sleeping in a piece of discarded machinery.

Puppies in Junkyard Edited

The pups struck a chord with a Good Samaritan. That person got permission from the dogs’ owner to rescue them and brought them to a nearby shelter.

The next stop on their tour was Animal Center.

When they arrived at our Center, the disheveled dogs were hungry and in need of some major TLC. One of the puppies had tar stuck on the back of his leg. Center staff painstakingly removed the sticky substance using mineral oil.

The puppies are now living like rock stars with foster families (minus the crowd surfing and late-night parties.)

These pups deserve to live the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. But all they really need is some food, a couple toys and lots of love. 

On Saturday, March 14, the Rockstar Puppy Band headed out for their last gig together: finding forever homes! Over that weekend, the puppies wowed the crowds with their adorable antics – and all found forever families. We wish nothing but rockin’ success for their encore!

Bad to the Bone Conga Line

Lars and James Lars Look at Me Lars with Ball Rock and Roll Grace