Before & After photos show how rescue can change a cat

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Before & After photos show how rescue can change a cat

Category : Rescued Animals

A pet cat will bring love and joy into any home that accepts them with open arms and hearts, but that love gains a special meaning when the cat is a rescue from the streets.

Many of these adopted cats have been saved from the brink of death. If you’re considering getting a cat, we hope that this list will convince you to to adopt. They need your love!

If you have a cat whose life was saved by you or your vet, then please share their story with us!

  • Shelter found a box of kittens with only one living but blind survivor. 6 months later, she is healthier than ever.


  • Bunny was found with many wounds after being electrocuted. Here he is a few months later.


  • Mr Biscuits tried to get warm in a car engine and was burnt badly after the car drove away. Now he’s recovered.


  • Kitty was found half dead. Here she is a month later.


  • Louie was found abandoned in the gutter just 2 weeks old. Now he is the King of the house.


  •  Kodama was found with a maggot infected wound. 6 years later, she is happier than ever.


  • Little Kitty was found drenched in the cold rain. Now Utopia has a loving home.


  •  Rescued Kitty before & after.

rescue-cat-abandoned-before-after-92__700 (1)