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Mother Cat Rescued Orphaned Kitten_1

Mother cat rescues orphaned kitten

Category : Rescued Animals

“One of these things is not like the other!” How many times have you heard that line? In the case of Angelina, it refers to her cute crew of kittens!

Mother Cat Rescued Orphaned Kitten_1

Angelina is a loving and friendly mother-cat who gave birth to three kittens of her own. Angelina and her little family had been found, rescued and cared for by an Animal Center. Angelina’s quandary was settled! She found safety, a clean place to care for her babies, and everything just seemed to be getting better for her.

However, the rescue partner had a predicament of its own. A solitary kitten had found its way into the rescue partner’s care. Kittens are social creatures and living alone can sometimes lead to lower survival rates in young felines, so it was important to find this sole kitten, named “April”, a temporary feline family. April was one week older and a different color than Angelina’s babies. Would Angelina and her trio of kittens accept her?

Mother Cat Rescued Orphaned Kitten_3

The rescuers held their breath and introduced April into the family. Angelina accepted her immediately and seemed not to mind one bit about caring for another baby. Now Angelina, April, Aubrey, Autumn and Arthur are one big family and thriving in one another’s company.

Mother Cat Rescued Orphaned Kitten_5

Angelina and her family, the “A-Team”, as we like to call them, are now in the care of a volunteer foster family.

Mother Cat Rescued Orphaned Kitten_4

Mother Cat Rescued Orphaned Kitten_6

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Before & After photos of rescued dogs

Category : Rescued Animals

This poor guy was found in the streets looking so filthy that it was hard to tell that he was actually a dog. He could barely move underneath all his matted hair. But look how charming he seems after his cleanup.


Miley was found living in a trash pile, severely injured and barely able to walk. Now Miley is happy and healthy, living in a new home with her new family.


Kenzi was an abuse/neglect case. Her transformation shows what some tender loving care and soothing baths. 


Animal Center went and picked up a clump of matted fur from an open access shelter.  The fur on poor Ellen’s legs was so heavy that it was starting to rip out at the root. 2 pounds of it was shaved away. Now this 2-year-old girl is ready for her new life to begin.


One woman spotted this little poodle eating from a trash can. She reached out to, which helped the little girl become fluffy and charming again, removing 10 pounds of fur from the 15-pound pooch. 


Treasure, a 2-year-old female purebred miniature poodle, was severely neglected before being spotted by a passing motorist. Because of her matted, thick, and dirty hair, she couldn’t even walk anymore, until a visit to the vet made the beautiful Treasure emerge again.


Little Betty was abandoned by her owners. Once ashamed by her appearance, she is now ready for a new home. 


Cedar was named after the Golf Course close to where he was waiting to be picked-up by someone. He was hairless from stress, with bones poking through his skin. Since then, Cedar has found a great home with good care, where he fits right in.


A man found Vita, starving and close to death in a junkyard. She weighed only 70 pounds. The rescuers spent months helping her rehabilitate with good veterinary care, grooming and a proper diet, and now she’s a new dog.


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rescue-cat-abandoned-before-after-92__700 (1)

Before & After photos show how rescue can change a cat

Category : Rescued Animals

A pet cat will bring love and joy into any home that accepts them with open arms and hearts, but that love gains a special meaning when the cat is a rescue from the streets.

Many of these adopted cats have been saved from the brink of death. If you’re considering getting a cat, we hope that this list will convince you to to adopt. They need your love!

If you have a cat whose life was saved by you or your vet, then please share their story with us!

  • Shelter found a box of kittens with only one living but blind survivor. 6 months later, she is healthier than ever.


  • Bunny was found with many wounds after being electrocuted. Here he is a few months later.


  • Mr Biscuits tried to get warm in a car engine and was burnt badly after the car drove away. Now he’s recovered.


  • Kitty was found half dead. Here she is a month later.


  • Louie was found abandoned in the gutter just 2 weeks old. Now he is the King of the house.


  •  Kodama was found with a maggot infected wound. 6 years later, she is happier than ever.


  • Little Kitty was found drenched in the cold rain. Now Utopia has a loving home.


  •  Rescued Kitty before & after.

rescue-cat-abandoned-before-after-92__700 (1)




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Rockstar Puppies Headshots

Junkyard Jammers: Rock Star Puppies

Category : Rescued Animals

Meet the Rock Star Puppies: James (Morrison), Janice (Joplin), Grace (Slick), Kirk (Hammett), Lita (Ford) and Lars (Ulrich). These dogs have one epic story.

Rockstar Puppies Headshots

At just a few weeks old, the puppies were fending for themselves in a desert junkyard. They had to dodge much bigger, much scarier dogs and scrounge for scraps of food. At night, they banded together, sleeping in a piece of discarded machinery.

Puppies in Junkyard Edited

The pups struck a chord with a Good Samaritan. That person got permission from the dogs’ owner to rescue them and brought them to a nearby shelter.

The next stop on their tour was Animal Center.

When they arrived at our Center, the disheveled dogs were hungry and in need of some major TLC. One of the puppies had tar stuck on the back of his leg. Center staff painstakingly removed the sticky substance using mineral oil.

The puppies are now living like rock stars with foster families (minus the crowd surfing and late-night parties.)

These pups deserve to live the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. But all they really need is some food, a couple toys and lots of love. 

On Saturday, March 14, the Rockstar Puppy Band headed out for their last gig together: finding forever homes! Over that weekend, the puppies wowed the crowds with their adorable antics – and all found forever families. We wish nothing but rockin’ success for their encore!

Bad to the Bone Conga Line

Lars and James Lars Look at Me Lars with Ball Rock and Roll Grace

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Sebastien Prince Charming Headshot

Sebastien – Prince Charming

Category : Rescued Animals

Once upon a time there lived a happy-go-lucky black and white cat. He was mostly white but had a large black spot over his right ear. He lived near a home that kept his belly full and gave him shelter when it was cold and wet. It wasn’t the perfect life, but he was content. His favorite things in the whole, wide world were watching birds and when his humans would pet him.

Sebastien Prince Charming Headshot

One day, there was a lot of hub-bub in the home where he would stay when it was rainy outside. His people were going in and out with large square things in their arms. As the day waned, it grew quiet and the people got into a car and drove away. Silence settled over the house and the yard.

Around dinnertime, the black and white cat wandered around the house looking for his meal. But there were no bowls or food set out for him. The whole house was empty. The cat sat and waited but the only thing that happened was the deepening quiet of the night.

Night turned to morning, the sun rose into the sky and the birds sang their morning songs. There was still no food for the black and white cat and he was feeling very hungry. The cat roamed the yard to find what he could, but a mouthful of grass didn’t do a lot to stop the empty feeling in his belly.

The black and white cat roamed to another yard but found only angry humans who chased him away with loud words and sticks. But he had to eat, he had to find food.

The next evening there came a delicious smell wafting through the night breeze. The black and white cat ran eagerly to find the source of the yummy smell. After weaving in and out through the bushes, he discovered the smell was coming from the loud human’s yard. Inside a wire box was a pile of meat which smelled oh so tempting! The black and white cat eyed the wire box, found a way inside and couldn’t help but begin gobbling down the meat.


As soon as his nose hit the meat, a loud noise ripped through the air as the wire box snapped shut. It was a trap! The noise scared the cat greatly, so much so he accidentally urinated on himself out of terror. He couldn’t get out! No meal was worth this! He pawed and cried, desperately trying to get back to the only home he knew. His delicate nose was sliced and scarred from the metal bars and his leg was torn from his escape attempts.

As the sun rose, there came a noise and movement from the loud human’s house. A woman opened the door and saw the black and white cat in the trap. She had placed traps around her home to catch him and take him to the shelter where he wouldn’t “bother” her anymore. As she approached to take the cat away, she smelled how he had urinated on himself out of fear. Hah, there was an easy fix for that! The woman unwound a hose and sprayed the cat down with freezing cold water.

The black and white cat cowered; miserable, wet, hungry, terrified and trapped. The last week had been a nightmare. Would life ever be good again?

When the woman dropped the black and white cat off at the animal shelter, the staff there saw how terrified he was. They gently dried and cleaned his wounds. He never tried to claw or bite them, he just sat there in his miserable state. They felt badly for him and decided to call for help. A local rescue partner worked in the area taking cats out of shelters and transporting them to places where they could be adopted. They learned about the black and white cat and came over right away to see him. They were struck by his loving personality and gentle spirit and found him a foster home where he could recover in comfort from his awful ordeal.

No one knew what the black and white cat’s name was before, so they gave him a new name: Sebastien.

Sebastien blossomed in his foster family’s home. He had a full belly and could watch the birds outside to his heart’s content. He loved everyone he met! Plus, his new favorite thing in the world was sleeping in front of his fosters family’s fire and basking in the fire’s warmth.

A few days later Sebastien was taken for another car ride to Animal Center. He was greeted by careful and capable staff members who took great care in administering his shots and in giving snuggles! They were just like “fairy godmothers!” He was happy, so happy, but little did Sebastien know that his life would soon become perfect… that was the day he met his new forever human, Erica.

On that day, Erica had been visiting the Center’s website looking for adoptable cats. She saw a particular little face that caught her eye: a cat with mostly white fur and a singular black spot over his right ear. But what struck her most were the scratches on Sebastien’s nose.

“I really think it was love at first sight! I especially liked that Sebastien was two-years-old and had scratches on his nose…” said Erica, “I knew he had a story and I wanted to be a part of it. Plus, I have had injuries and I thought he would have character – just like me!”

Erica came to the Center to meet Sebastien and it really was love at first sight! Erica adopted Sebastien that very day and took him back to her home.

“I live alone so sometimes it gets lonely,” Erica remembers, “Now I look forward to coming home because he always greets me with rubs and when I sit down on the couch he gives me the best massages! Plus my friends are really happy for me because they see how much joy he brings me!”

Sebastien now spends his day doing all his favorite things; he watches the birds outside his window and gets to dote on his new forever companion, Erica.

Sebastien King of Castle

The black and white cat gets his happily forever after, after all.

Sebastien Sleeping Happily Forever After

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Zang says “Thank you!”

Category : Rescued Animals

October 10, 2014
A 6 month-old puppy should be full of wonder and energy, and happy to meet new people. But  Zang was nervous and unwillingness to walk…something was very wrong.


Her right hind leg is shorter than her left. X-rays revealed that her leg and hip were once fractured and healed poorly.

Fortunately, FHO surgery can help. Like many rescued dogs, Zang is afraid of people—a condition that occurs when puppies do not receive human love during the most impressionable first 3 months of their lives. Zang might even have been badly treated, which could explain her broken leg and fear.

Thankfully, two wonderful foster parents have volunteered to socialize and encourage Zang prior to surgery.

October 24, 2014
Zang’s foster family says Zang is responding well.  She  received a lot of TLC, gained a lot of confidence, and she is now ready for surgery.

October 27, 2014
Zang had her surgery  and everything went well.  She is still at the vet recovering.

October 29, 2014
Zang was back to the Shelter.  She looks great!  She will be here at the Shelter for a week, and then her foster family will take her back home. Right now she requires physical therapy each day. After her staples are out and she heals, she will go to aquatic therapy. Pretty soon she will be a big happy puppy.


October 30, 2014
Zang is responding well to the physical therapy. Her leg is still quite stiff from the surgery.  Zang is loving the extra attention. Outside, she is still holding up her sore leg.


December 14, 2014
Healing from FHO surgery takes a long time!  Zang is still in rehab.

December 23, 2014
Zang has been adopted!  And yes, it is Zang’s foster family who claimed this gem. After all the TLC Zang received during her recuperation, she fell in love with her foster family, and they fell in love with her. Zang gives them kisses every day to show her gratitude, and everyone gives thanks to all the donors for making this all possible.